Ten clichés I’m tired of

Observed in work, theatre, movies, etc. A growing list.

1.) People who say “absolutely” as their default reply in meetings. I hardly think anything in life, let alone business, is absolute. Those that make grand declarations like this on a regular occasion I generally mistrust.

2.) In horror movies, the old “open a medicine cabinet with a mirrored door, close it, and WHAM! — there’s either a ghost or an actual person standing behind the person who opened the medicine cabinet.”

3.) In the “director’s notes” for a play or musical, when they note that the show is more relevant now than ever before. Please. Naturally, all good theatre is relevant in some way, as it deals with humans and emotions. Your musical comedy is no more relevant today than it was when it premiered 15 or 20 years ago.

4.) People holding screaming newborns while telling me how enlightening and enriching it is to be a parent.

5.) PowerPoint presentations that have far too many words on the slides to have any meaning for anyone except the person who created the slide.

6.) People who won’t drink tap water because of the “impurities,” yet they smoke and drink.

7.) People who still send forwards. What is this, 1999? Get a blog or post it on facebook so I can properly filter out the noise.

8.) People who direct me to eat the leftover cookies because “you’re thin!”

9.) Anything currently on TV that isn’t “Golden Girls” reruns, “Drop Dead Diva” or “How It’s Made.”

10.) People who post lists of things that annoy them on their blogs.

Ok. So most of these aren’t technically clichés. More like pet peeves or something to that effect. But, I think they’ve become pet peeves because they are the result of repetitiousness, unimaginativeness and/or outright laziness*. Which would make them a cliché, right?

(*Except #4. That’s just my own hangup. I have to give all you new parents some well-earned respect. But, no thanks; I’d prefer not to hold your baby.)

2 thoughts on “Ten clichés I’m tired of

  1. I definitely agree about No. 3. I’ve lost count of the number of plays or musicals that announce their “relevance” to the events of today. Just let me enjoy it for what it is. Or not.

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