Last night, I quite embarrassingly learned that my blog name, “Robertianish,” is basically indecipherable. It’s time for a change. Ideally, I’d like something that more clearly defines what this blog is about: 80% Chicago theatre, 20% whatever.

Please help! Vote below, and/or submit your own idea:

6 thoughts on “HELP ME RENAME THIS BLOG!

  1. if you want to maintain the integrity of your blog, you need to name it something like “front row, centre” although ” just another a-hole with an internet connection” made me laugh out loud.

  2. I think if you’ve determined that your blog will be mainly about Chicago theatre, it’s probably best that the blog name reflect it.

    Chicago Theatre Project makes it sound like you have a specific project – like a play or musical.

    I like using your name but Bob’s Take doesn’t really say Chicago or theatre.

    And Another A-Hole with an Internet Connection, well, it’s not you.

    I kind of like Confessions of a Chicago Theatre Addict or just Chicago Theatre Addict.

    Too bad you can’t work in Hog Butcher to the World, because that would be the best!

    1. Good point, David. And, it looks like to be the winner by a landslide. (And by “landslide,” I man 7 votes vs. 3 on the others…)

      1. Front Row Center sounds like it would be a ticket broker site or something. I would incorporate “Chicago Theatre” in the title since that seems to be your main focus.

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