I’m a proud MOH!

Saturday, before catching The Marvelous Wonderettes in Skokie, Gator, Jamie, Eric (Jamie’s fancy fiancé), Mavis (Jamie’s mom) and I had a quick bite at Hop Haus just shy of Evanston. Jamie was still on a high, having picked her wedding and reception venue and setting a date (girl works fast — not even a week has gone by since Eric popped the question).

So, imagine my surprise when she hands me a barrel full of monkeys to open, and in it was a note asking me to be her Maid of Honor (Male of Honor we’re calling it — there’ll be no drag on my behalf, much to my mother’s relief).

A true surprise, and I’m deeply honored and touched. If any of you former Maid of Honors have any advice – any! – please comment below.

Mavis was armed, as always, with her camera to document this event:

"Do you want to be my....maid...of...honor?!?!"
Let's shake on it?
"Wait. That did say 'Maid of Honor' and not 'maid for hire'..."
"Um...so bachelorette party at Sidetrack? Showtune night?"

Seriously. I, along with Dan — Eric’s best man — are going to see to it that Jamie and Eric’s wedding is the best, most fabulous wedding ever.

17 thoughts on “I’m a proud MOH!

  1. Always a brides-male, never a bride! 1st of all, CONGRATS TO JAMIE, I missed that snippet of info. And good luck – I’ve done it more times than I care to count but it’s always fun.

  2. How exciting!! Congrats to Jamie and Eric…
    Bobby if I can give you any advice… make sure they enjoy the day (not everything will go right … but by golly you guys will all have a blast.. and they will have a wonderful day to remember). Remember when you took me out on my b- party.. That was pretty hilarious!!!

  3. Nice pix, Bob…! So glad you can be male-of-honor and help my baby and Eric with the upcomings! See you at the festivities, if not before.

  4. Yay! that’s awesome! Congrats! And good for her for starting the planning right away. We dillied and dallied too long and procrastinated on some things and I regretted it.
    You will be an awesome MOH. Being a BM is also a great job! Don’t underestimate the power of BM’s! hahaha

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