New blog name/new blog header/new domain!

Goodbye “Robertianish”…hello “Confessions of a Chicago Theatre Addict” — or just “CTA”.

First off: a big THANK YOU to all who voted and provided comments.

I chose the second runner up — Chicago Theatre Addict. I felt that upon hearing it, you pretty much figured out what the blog was about. I also feel it represents me. I truly love Chicago’s diverse, exciting, daring theatre scene. Storefront, big budget, black box, Broadway in Chicago, broken folding chairs in a basement. I don’t care — it all excites me!

Also: “Front Row, Center” sounded too vague — and there was already a blog in the blogosphere named that.

I added “Confessions of…” as it made the blog more actionable while adding some intrigue. Right? Right???

Anyway — thanks for your help. Let’s hope my blog has a long and happy life as it enters this new stage…

9 thoughts on “New blog name/new blog header/new domain!

  1. Ah the new “CTA” which will be much more reliable, dependable, and entertaining. Can you add a “theatre tracker” to let us know what shows are coming? :)

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