This weekend: VOTD viewing party

“Oh Neely! You know how bitchy fags can be.”

I’m currently cleaning my place in preparation for Saturday night, where I’ll be hosting a very special screening of the cinematic masterpiece that is “Valley of the Dolls.”

God, I love this fucking movie.

At least two attendees have never seen the movie before. And it deeply pleases me to know that come Sunday, at least two more people will know: VOTD is where it’s at. Clearly, I’ve done my part.

In the meantime, I’ve forewarned them to expect:

  • High camp
  • Face slapping
  • “Boobies! Boobies! Boobies! Who needs ’em?”
  • Barbara Parkins rolling around on a beach with seaweed in her hair
  • Cross-your-heart necklaces
  • Workout montages and Gillian Girl montages
  • Susan Hayward getting upstaged by an elaborate Plexiglass mobile
  • Arguments concerning “run-of-the-play contracts”
  • The revelation that “at night, all cats are grey”
  • A barefoot Patty Duke in a slip, bra and bouffant pouring bourbon in a swimming pool to “disinfect it”
  • The consequences of mistakenly wearing your second act costume for the first act
  • French “art films”
  • …and more! Much, much more!

A recap of the festivities is forthcoming, natch.

What’s your favorite VOTD moment?

11 thoughts on “This weekend: VOTD viewing party

  1. It’s gotta be Neely O’Hara rolling around by the trash cans, in a fur coat no less, screaming up at the sky: “NEEEELY O’HAAAARAAA~~~!!!!”

  2. Absolutely anything Patty Duke does in that movie is my most favorite thing ever. I still maintain it’s the best performance in a movie EVER. :) But, since I have to name one, I’ll say… “It’s impossible” on the telethon thing. :)

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