Salesman of DEATH!

I love cheesy slasher movies*, and when I see the title to Arthur Miller’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play Death of a Salesman, my mind turns it into “Salesman of DEATH!”

Cuz that’s how I roll.

Anyway, I’m seeing the first preview of Raven Theatre‘s production of this show tonight. $8 tickets courtesy of Goldstar. This is my second visit to Raven, having seen their very strong production of another overdone classic, Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler (read my review of that here).

The benefits of that production were Mackenzie Kyle’s biting, sly and highly-contemporary take on the title character (she was robbed of a non-equity Jeff nomination, IMHO), as well as the ingenious scenic design.

Looking forward to seeing what Raven does with this classic.

* This weekend I watched The Burning, as it was a free on On-Demand flick via FEARnet, and loved it. It fits into my favorite genre of slasher flicks: Summer camp in the early 8os (1981, to be exact) with camp counselors in too-tight shorts, skinny dipping by luckless teens, stagey gore by SFX wizard Tom Savini, and unexpected cameos, such as a teenage Jason Alexander (yup, George Costanza) and a fresh-faced Holly Hunter. Loved every minute of it. Especially the climactic opening scene of an evil camp caretaker getting burned alive while wearing a very apparent fire-proof outfit complete with face mask, gloves and hood. SPOOKY!

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