Patti LuPone is PISSED

And she’s blaming California.


LuPone: Appalled
LuPone: Appalled

Veteran Broadway star PATTI LUPONE has been left
“greatly upset” by reports she has fallen behind on her tax payments, accusing California state officials of making a “mistake”.

The actress/singer recently had a $9,983 (£6,655) tax lien filed against her in the state of California, but she insists she’s up-to-date with her accounting and doesn’t owe the state anything.

Her publicist tells the New York Post, “It was a mistake on their part. It is totally not true that she owes the state that amount in taxes. The taxes in question were paid in full in 2007 when they were deducted from Patti’s payment at the time of a performance. It’s been sitting in the state’s coffers since then.

“This item has caused great upset to Patti, who is meticulous about paying her taxes.”

In honor of this fun Friday news item, “The Lady’s Paying” from LuPone’s ill-fated run in the World premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard.

Take it away, Patti!

4 thoughts on “Patti LuPone is PISSED

  1. Oops. Totally owning the anonymous comment above. Thought I was signed in.

    2007, eh? Wonder if this was for a performance I was at. I paid MUCH $$ into her coffers for performances in California that year . . .

    Oh, and by the way, Patti, if you haven’t regifted it, I want my shawl back. c/o Hernandez Law, Chandler, AZ. Thanks! :)

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