New EDGE review: The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity

Man, how I loved this show. This was my second Teatro Vista production — my first was Massacre (Sing to Your Children) at The Goodman Theatre in April 2007. While I didn’t care for that (read my thoughts here), this show wiped the that memory clean away. Wow.

Also: Keep an eye out for playwright Kristoffer Diaz and Desmin Borges, the show’s narrator. This is a star-making turn for Borges. Such a charming, engaging performer. Wonder what he’ll do next? Someone should cast him as Usnavi in In The Heights. He’d be perfect.

Snippet below:

Who’d have thought wrestling would make an arresting topic for a two-act play? My tolerance for WWE is around 10 minutes, before all the noise, yelling and dramatic pratfalls overwhelm the senses. But Kristoffer Diaz’s hilariously satirical new play, The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, finds a compelling metaphor in wrestling, featuring an inner world of capitalism, pseudo-celebrity, and racism in American pop culture. Equal parts action, humor, entertainment and passion, this show is a winner.

Our guide into the world of professional wrestling, here symbolized by the fictional “T.H.E. Wresting Organization,” is Macedonio Guerra, aka “The Mace,” played by the immensely likable Desmin Borges. With his rap-like delivery and palpable passion for the art, we begin to understand the various skills and tricks that work in concert to create an engaging wrestling match.

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