New EDGE Review: Lettice and Lovage


What a charming piece and what a cozy venue! Redtwist has one of the smallest stages I’ve ever seen, but that did not stop them from doing this grand, comedic play. I really quite enjoyed it.

A snippet:

“Enlarge! Enliven! Enlighten!”

This is the battle cry for Lettice Douffet, the eccentric tour guide with a penchant for the dramatic in Peter Shaffer’s charming play, Lettice and Lovage. It’s interesting, then, that Redtwist, with their cozy performance space that seats just under 40, would choose to stage a show that begs for grand comedy. However, with addictive chemistry from its two leading ladies and effective use of the unconventional space by director Steve Scott, this production doesn’t so much leap off the stage into our hearts, as it does slowly — but most assuredly — win you over with its unending spirit.

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