Time to revive Court’s “Caroline, or Change”

The 41st Annual Jeff Equity Awards were presented last night, and among the winners (see the list here), Court Theatre’s Caroline, or Change took home the following major awards:

  • Actress in a Principal Role, Musical (E. Faye Butler)
  • Production of a Musical — Large
  • Director of a Musical (Charles Newell)
  • Music Direction (Doug Peck)

I saw Caroline in the Fall last year, and it blew. my. mind. There were rumors last year that Court was looking into an open-ended run someplace in the city, but those never materialized. Maybe now? But only with E. Faye in the lead, please, as it was one of the most — if not THE most — powerful stage performances I’ve ever seen. So: should we start a campaign?

The Jeff-winning E. Faye in Court Theatre’s Caroline, or Change

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5 thoughts on “Time to revive Court’s “Caroline, or Change”

  1. Yes yes yes. The production was brilliant and it could still sell tickets–though I think a limited engagement would make more sense…it’s pretty tough stuff to expect more than a few weeks. I don’t know how the money would happen, but someone, step up and do it!

    1. Hi, Zev! Thanks for commenting.

      Yes, the show broke Court B.O. records, and was extended several weeks. I went late in the run, and it was full, with standing room only.

      There’s no reason why it couldn’t succeed in a longer run. And so topical, too!

  2. I’m in favor of this idea because I keep hearing wonderful things about this production and I keep hating the fact that I was unable to see it.

    And I’m not sure about an open run, but that’s because I don’t know that much about whether or not people would rush out to see this again. (Which, I think they would judging from what I’ve heard.)

  3. As much as I would love for this to happen, sadly, it wont. I know E. Faye was having a hard time working it out in her schedule, but when it all came down to it, it just wouldn’t be cost effective. It’s a pretty large show in terms of cast size, band, etc. and to do a move like that north, ticket prices would have to be pretty high and they would have to sell a whole lot of tickets in order for it to be even close to financially possible.

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