Two of “Banana Shpeel” stars cut?

Chris Jones reports that Michael Longoria and Annaleigh Ashford have been cut from new Cirque Show Banana Shpeel, set to begin performances at the Chicago Theatre on November 19 – January 3. At least, that’s what some “memo” making the rounds is saying.

This is very strange, since Longoria and Ashford (particularly Ashford) have been heavily used to promote this new show. Basically, they’ve been the “faces” of Banana Shpeel.

Let’s hope this is just some silly marketing spoof to generate more buzz, and these two up-and-comers are still in the show. Because, really? To me they were the main draw.

EDIT (5:00 pm CT; 10/23): I just got off the phone with a Banana Shpeel spokesperson, and it’s confirmed: Ashford and Longoria are, indeed, out. Part of the process of creating art. ( confirms it, too.)

We shall see what the end result is come November 19.

Michael Longoria, Annaleigh Ashford

6 thoughts on “Two of “Banana Shpeel” stars cut?

    1. It’s not sounding good. In Chris’ report I linked to, a Cirque spokesperson confirmed the cut. Gotta love Showbusiness!

  1. It’s so strange that this is happening. I got a flyer from Cirque about the show yesterday, and both Ashford and Longoria are pictured multiple times on it. Boo. I liked the piece they did on America’s got talent, too!

  2. Yeah that’s certainly strange! but i don’t think it’s marketing spoof…anyhow, i would still love to see the show without them…just hope that the tickets are cheaper than usual :P

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