Run! Zombies!

Or, running zombies, rather.

The Trick or Treat Trot has become a Halloween tradition for Jamie, Lindsey and me. As it’s so much fun, Eric (Jamie’s fiancé) and Kris (Lindsey’s fiancé) decided to join us this year. And this year we stepped it up and went in costume. Because we’re awesome?

Crazy photos, of course, since that is also part of the tradition:




Still waiting on my time to be posted. Jamie called me “Impatient Pam.” To which I called her “Trash Talkin’ Trina.” Because we’re awesome?

Next up: The Hot Chocolate 5K on Nov. 1 (I might be just a *tad* hung over for that. Our Halloween boo-ha-ha is the night before. So, my zombie costume might make another appearance…although without the makeup…)

(Photos courtesy of Lindsey)

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