New EDGE review: Man of La Mancha

I already posted my thoughts on this production here. A snippet of the review follows:

This ain’t your grandmother’s Man of La Mancha.

You know: the classic musical about the “mad” knight who attacks windmills, as told by a late 17th century inmate named Cervantes to his fellow prisoners as he awaits trial during the Spanish Inquisition.

Theo Ubique has staged a daring new production of this classic musical doing what they do best: rebuilding it from the ground up, with intimacy and immediacy front-and-center. The result? A conceptually heavy reimagining that is sometimes brilliant and sometimes overdone – but always entertaining. And, even if Theo Ubique wanted to do a more traditional representation of this show, it was already done, and done quite well, at Theatre on the Center just a hot second ago.

What’s been changed? First off, the dual roles of Cervantes/Don Quixote are played by a Danielle Brothers – a woman. But don’t let that concern you – Brothers has a belt so deep and resonant (think a singing Kathleen Turner, but down even a few more octaves), it surpasses some of the miscast tenors I’ve seen play the role in other productions. Not only that, but Brothers is a very fine actress. Every moment is layered with honesty, passion and yearning. It’s a staggering performance for many reasons.

Read the full review on EDGE >>

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