“Carrie” makes a comeback?

Ever since the disastrous musical version of the Stephen King book/movie Carrie famously flopped on Broadway in 1988, there’s been talk of bringing it back.

The musical Carrie is stuff of legend and lore. I could write pages on what I love about the show, why I think it’ll still work, and how I think Betty Buckley’s performance of “And Eve Was Weak” is one of the 10 wonders of Broadway:

But chances are if you’re reading this blog, you know it all already and have your own well-formed opinions. So I won’t go into all that. And, besides: I’ve already covered some of that here and here.

(Warning: these blog posts I’ve linked to are over four years old. I take no responsibility for my younger, dumber self. Also, my giddy excitement concerning rare audio finds is the result of a pre-YouTube age. Now, mostly anything is instantly accessible with just a simple search — including all things Carrie.)

What I’m most excited about is the news that next month this show is receiving a six-figure “workshop” as reported by Micheal Riedel. Original writers of the show are retooling the book and score for this workshop. And if things go well, which I’m crossing my fingers they will, this could lead to a Broadway revival.

And the icing on the cake? Marin Mazzie is starring in the Buckley role (Carrie White’s Bible-thumping mother.) How HOT is that? Smoldering.

If this all works out, I will be there. Mark my words.

Now: Go down to the cellar and pray!

10 thoughts on ““Carrie” makes a comeback?

  1. Bob, this post just made me the happiest theatre homo in all the land!!!! Carrie is already an obsession for me (I’ve been known to stay up until the wee hours of the morning watching clips on YouTube!), but when you add Marin to the mix…its kinda perfection!!

    Can I put in my vote now for Kerry Butler as Carrie? DONE!

  2. This has made me very happy.

    And if it would be revived on Broadway, it would probably make money because the original production is so infamous that enough people would rush out and go see a Broadway revival.

    Myself included.

  3. Doesn’t anybody ever get it right, Sutton?

    (Well, it looks like I need to start planning a trip to New York, since I, like Eve, am weak.)

  4. Kevin: That is INSPIRED casting, my friend.

    Monica: The production would be a HIT. mark my words.

    Annie: I can see your dirty pillows.

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