Before the promenade passes by!

Tonight I’m seeing* The Hypocrites’ production of Frankenstein at The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. (*If traffic cooperates. It’s been really miserable this past month or so going from the northern burbs to the Loop. Like a slow paper cut to the eye.)

Much todo has been made of this production’s promenade staging. And by “todo,” I mean the critics are tired of it, as it’s apparently been overused by this group. Furthermore, I gather it’s impossible to see the action as you are standing en masse looking at the action occurring in front of the en masse (yay circular sentencery!).

However, I’m tallish, so this shouldn’t prove a problem for me. Sucks to be short!

I’ll report back. That is, should traffic cooperate.

And to keep on with the Halloweeny theatre theme: Salem! The Musical at Annoyance Theatre tomorrow night.


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