We’re painting the babies red…

Painting the babies red!
We’re painting the babies red!
So much pretense
You can’t make sense
Of what is in our show!
We want you all to know!
We painted the babies red…
[exit whistling.]

And this concludes my thoughts on The Hypocrites’ Frankenstein.


12 thoughts on “We’re painting the babies red…

    1. Thanks! Not technically a “review,” since I wasn’t asked and/or obligated to write one. But…I felt it needed to be said.

  1. Once again, Robert, I think you nailed it.

    Though I’m dissappointed you didn’t mention your brilliant theory about font size. :)

    1. I should also give this post’s credit to Eric who started humming this tune when I mentioned the red babies in the car. It got me started.

      Re: my font size theory:

      I think that doing crazy stuff, such as promenade staging, is just a way of filling a show that doesn’t have much else to say. Much like narrowing the margins and increasing the font size to get that 10-page final paper out the door on time. If you strip away the “innovative” staging (aka set the font size to the appropriate 12-point) you get a work that doesn’t really meet the requirements.

  2. This reinds me of one of my other favorite reviews,of Jewel reading poetry, that described the CD as “beautifully shiny.”

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