Multiple “Pillowmans”

I know very little about Martin McDonagh’s 2003 award-winning play, The Pillowman. However, I do know a coworker who saw a production at Steppenwolf in 2006 and decided she was done with Steppenwolf for a while.

However, by the end of this month, I’ll know I great deal more, as I’m seeing two productions — one by DePaul University at the Greenhouse Center tomorrow night, and one at the beginning of December at Redtwist Theatre.

And this isn’t even one of the top-ten most produced plays of 2009 (it was in 2006).

Have you seen two different productions of the same show within a few weeks of each other? And how did that work out for you?

EDIT (11/5): Due to other commitments, Pillowman at DePaul didn’t happen, unfortunately.

6 thoughts on “Multiple “Pillowmans”

  1. Well, I saw RENT in August, and I’ll be seeing it again in November, through 2 different local companies.

    The one in August was great. I don’t know much about the one in November yet, but I worked with a couple of the actors in it and they’re super talented.

  2. I can fill you in on “Pillowman” before the show tomorrow night.

    I once saw multiple productions of “High School Musical” in a month in Iowa. I can’t stand it now.

  3. No RENT!? Oh snap! I don’t know what to say, Bob, I’m not sure how to feel . . . do you think maybe you need to open your mind and heart? I’m not a Rent-head or anything but it was a nice evening.

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