New EDGE review: End Days @ Next Theatre

End Days

Sound designer Nick Keenan has done his homework. This is the first time where I’ve nearly crapped my pants due to a theatrical sound effect.

Keenan, who is responsible for the explosive thunder claps that signal the approaching End of Days in Deborah Zoe Laufer’s aptly titled End Days, should feel mighty content with himself. It’s a powerful moment that makes you want to start repenting on the spot.

Or soil yourself. Either/or.

The rest of End Days, which is receiving its Chicago premiere at Next Theatre Company, doesn’t quite have the gut-punching impact of this moment, but that’s not Laufer’s intention. Rather, her script takes a lighthearted, fresh look into the ideas that make up evangelical religion, physics, the Rapture, and belief in general.

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One thought on “New EDGE review: End Days @ Next Theatre

  1. Dear Bob, we would love to have you join us at our Jeff Recommended production of The Chicago premiere of Reinaldo Povod’s, ‘CUBA and His Teddy Bear. We run until Dec. 13th.

    Much thanks,


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