New EDGE music review: “The Essential Barbara Cook”

Barbara Cook is a national treasure, a legend, a mentor, a master interpreter, a world-class artist, the eighth wonder ofEssential_b_cook the world.

If you’re reading this, you are most likely familiar with her career – which spans five decades and ranges from originating leading ingénue roles in classic musicals such as The Music Man and Candide to full-blown concert diva. And, like any true wonder, her voice seems immune to the forces of age — at 82 her voice only deepens in its expressiveness without losing any of the youthful joy that made her a composer’s muse during the golden age of Broadway.

DRG has assembled a lovely boxed set celebrating her career from the early 1990s to current day. Specifically, it includes four CDs: “Close As Pages in a Book” (newly remixed and remastered), “Live from London,” “All I Ask of You” and “Live From The Met.” The set also includes the DVD of “Mostly Sondheim” and a four-track bonus CD titled “Give Me the Simple Life” from her latest studio album, due for release in early 2010.

Read the full review on EDGE >>

And now: Ms. Cook in her element:

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