Donna Lynne Champlin produces solo CD for under a grand

….and i’m about to puke.

But i dropped it off at Play-It Direct Productions today where they’ll reproduce it, package it, and everything.


First off, in my humblest of opinions-
for a budget of $1000?
on a $90 mike?
recorded in my bathroom?
and mixed on garage band?

with all that considered…..


Donna Lynne Champlin, 11.3.09

I’ve been a fan of Broadway singer and actress Donna Lynne Champlin for a number of years — ever since I heard her sing “The Air is Free” on the cast album of 3hree.

And then she played the accordion-wielding Pirelli in the John Doyle revisionment of Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd.


She’s also done a ton of other shit.

And now? Donna Lynne’s in the process of releasing her solo album, which she’s recorded (in her bathroom), mixed and produced all on her own — with a budget of a cool grand and a timeline of six weeks. A sort of experiment, if you will, which lends nicely to her wonderfully candid blog where she provides regular updates on on the CD’s progress and what’s she’s learned along the way.

Her CD, entitled “Old Friends,” drops December 1, but you can pre-order here for $15. I know I will, as I love ingenuity, sticktoitiveness and the belty vocals of Donna Lynne.

2 thoughts on “Donna Lynne Champlin produces solo CD for under a grand

  1. DLC’s “The Air is Free” is one fantastic moment of a great singer singing a great song. I love it.

    I can’t wait to hear the CD. She’s a blast.

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