Onstage flying fails

This is the second part of a two part series on the magic of onstage flying.

For those newbies to my blog: I love the musical Peter Pan, and onstage aerialics (my word) in general.

Recently I stumbled upon a series of YouTube videos that demonstrate what can happen when you mix flying rigs with community theatre. The result? Poor Jane (Wendy’s daughter in the final scene of the musical) gets it every time.

You see, in this scene, what’s *supposed* to happen is the grown up Wendy sits in her chair, while her daughter, Jane, sleeps. And Peter Pan flies in the window, tries to get Wendy to go back to Neverland, but leaves with Jane, instead. But, as is the case in these three videos, Jane gets a rather rude awakening thanks to some wire mixups backstage…

First Onstage Flying Fail: “Committed Actress Keeps her Shit Together in the Face of Possible Disfiguration” edition:

Second Onstage Flying Fail: “Graceful Landing” edition:

Third Onstage Flying Fail: “We Just Give Up” edition. It’s a wonder no one got hurt. Keep watching through 1:15:

Seriously, backstage crew guys: Did you even *think* to label the wires before you pulled them?

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