O, ye neglected blog!

It was nice to be (relatively) off the grid for most of last week.

And now — it’s full on.

As my last week at my current job up in the northern burbs concludes, I’m taking advantage of my close proximity to the Marriott Theatre to see their joyous production of Hairspray for the second time on December 4 — and bringing along four friends.

Oh, how I’ll miss going to the Marriott. You see, once I begin working downtown, I will have zero desire to swim upstream to the northern burbs. Well, not any time soon, that is. However, their 2010 season includes snores like Fiddler and Music Man, so I’m not too bummed about that. (But I am curious to see how they will stage A Chorus Line on a round stage.)

But first: Addams Family on December 2 (and December 9, press night — long story).

My friend Jamie saw it and posted her thoughts here. (She loved it.)

Can’t wait!

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