Revisiting Marriott Theatre’s “Hairspray”

Gerald, Jamie, Eric and Dan and I went to Marriott Theatre’s Hairspray. I reviewed the show for EDGE (read here), and it’s still just as fun as it was two months ago. Marissa Perry, Ross Lehman, Heidi Kettenring, E. Faye Butler and Hollis Resnik are having a great time, as is the audience.

However, two things that drove me nuts:

1) Ross Lehman’s “Edna” makeup is incredibly distracting — particularly those crazy black, clownish eyebrows. Yes, it’s a drag role, but not a drag queen role. And Lehman’s subtle interpretation (almost too subtle, for my tastes) is at odds with this over-the-top look. Plus: It’s ugly.

2) Marissa Perry’s snorting when she inhales during singing. Also quite distracting.

BUT! One of the most joyous times I’ve spent in a theatre this year, I think. It closes on Sunday, so…go!

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