Ten theatre-related resolutions for ’10

Yes. I’m taking steps to eat better, drink less, focus on weights at the gym and manage my finances more effectively this year. But what about this sad little blog and my theatre-going habits in the new year? What about it, indeed.

May I present my ten theatre-related goals for this year:

1) See more new, original works.
2) Have greater confidence in my opinions.
3) Take along more friends who typically don’t attend shows to help promote their interest in live theatre.
4) Be more present during a performance, spending less time thinking about work and my to-do list and focusing on the moment at hand.
5) Write shorter, more online-friendly reviews.
6) See the Patti LuPone/Mandy Patinkin show and not scratch my eyes out after watching two-plus hours of sycophantic, Juliard-trained emoting.
7) See more shows at the Goodman, Lookingglass, Rivendell and Shakespeare theatres — among others.
8) Do a better job promoting up-and-coming groups, such as The New Colony — who recently got awarded a huge check from Chase Bank!
9) Interview a Chicago theatre diva, such as Hollis Resnik, E. Faye Butler, Barbara Robertson, Mary Ernster, Paula Scrofano, etc. We have some of the best stage actresses in the country — they are entitled to (gushing) recognition!
10) Only give standing ovations to shows that really, REALLY deserve it.

What are your theatre resolutions?

11 thoughts on “Ten theatre-related resolutions for ’10

  1. I figure if I’m not fully focused on the play (#4), it’s cause the show isn’t hooking me in.
    And #10. Yes, I find audiences give standing O’s to shows that make them happy, not shows that were great or performances that were great.

    1. Good point, Vance. I’m sure the show is at fault to some degree if my mind is wandering…but at times I think it’s just me.

  2. Count me in for #3 if you need a pinch-hitter companion – one of my goals (yeah,goals) this year is at least one live performance (music, theatre, dance, whatevs) each month. Plus an excellent excuse to see you. :)

  3. Use fewer exclamation marks! Also, write shorter and better reviews, see more off-Broadway when I go to New York and try to see more shows close to where I live. Taking along a friend is a great idea but I always feel uneasy asking them to shell out for a full-price ticket. I like sitting close and I know most people wouldn’t pay the price.

    1. Well, the nice thing about being invited to review a show is a “plus one” ticket. So, I usually always have a companion along.

  4. These are all great resolutions, especially #3.

    And I have noticed that some shows get standing ovations and it seems like it’s because the audience feels like not doing so would be mean.

    1. That, or they feel compelled to do so, as if to say, “See? I spent $300 on these tickets, and I’m going to ENJOY IT!! OMG wasn’t that the most amazing show ever?? It has to have been, because I’m giving it a standing O!”


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