Drury Lane’s “Funny Girl”…starring Sara Sheperd! (um…who?)

Drury Lane Oakbrook Terrace’s production of Funny Girl, that classic musical comedy that launched the “Barbra Streisand” brand, is getting ready to open, and press information was sent out recently. As I’ve been relatively off the grid for a while, I was excited to discover what Chicago diva is getting her chance to star as Fanny Brice — especially since Heidi Kettenring is currently playing Eliza Doolittle up in Lincolnshire, and human cloning remains a distant reality.

(I’m being facetious, but Chicago theatre — particularly the professional suburban scene — does have a reputation for casting the same people.)

But, guess what? Sara Sheperd, pretty much an unknown actress with a handful of professional credits around the country, is taking on the iconic role — and I couldn’t be happier. I applaud Drury Lane for casting a young, fresh face in this exciting role, rather than going for tried and true. I gather Funny Girl isn’t produced as often as one would think due to the difficulty in finding a star who can do the show justice, so director William Osetek* must have really found something special in Sheperd. Aside from the casting challenge, the show has some very creaky moments in Act 2, so we’ll see if Osetek has managed to solve these when I see the show on Sunday.

(*Drury Lane’s web site credits Gary Griffin as the director, but the press release states it’s Osetek. Hmmm…)

More information on Drury Lane’s production of Funny Girl here >>

Sara Sheperd leads the cast of Drury Lane’s Funny Girl

5 thoughts on “Drury Lane’s “Funny Girl”…starring Sara Sheperd! (um…who?)

  1. I can’t wait to see this piece onstage. I enjoy the movie, but have never been able to figure out if it’s because of the show or because of Barbara. Maybe it’s both? We’ll find out Sunday.

    And hey – Sheperd was in the tour of Legally Blonde. Works for me. :)

    1. The movie is grand, but so over-the-top. Particularly Babs’ finger-nails. I mean, 18 year-old tomboy Fanny Brice has two-inch long French manicures? In the early 1930s? And then in the final scenes, Barbra suddenly takes Ms. Brice into the mod ’60s, with her sassy ‘do and smoky makeup.

  2. Jaime – I think you will love the show better. I was in it my freshman year of college and was blown away by our Fanny Brice – the character onstage is so much more interesting than Barbara’s film version … and the show is awesome. So many swell songs and numbers.

    1. Did your Fanny Brice make it as an actress after college? Seems anyone who could blow that role away should have the chops to go far.

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