Riding the elevator with rockstars: an update

Remember this post?

Today I took another step forward in meeting rockstars in my office building. I rode the elevator with Kathy Hart of the “Eric & Kathy” morning radio show and talked to her.

It played out something like this:

Kathy Hart, of "Eric & Kathy"

At around 2:00 p.m., I ran downstairs to grab some lunch. While descending, she boarded my elevator — and it was just her and me. As I’m sure you all recall, this same thing happened a few weeks ago, and I didn’t have the nerve to say anything to her then. This time, however, I took advantage of the opportunity by blurting out, “I love your show!”

She stood there, facing forward, pretending like I wasn’t talking to her…turned her head slowly…and saw my smiley, googely-eyed face peering at her. She then instantly snapped into “radio personality mode.”

K: “Oh, we love doing it! It’s not a bad gig!”

Me: “I used to listen all the time when I worked in the suburbs!”

K (a bit confused): “…so you don’t because you work downtown?”

Me: “Yeah…”

Her (brightly): “You can listen online — do you do that?”

K: “Well, I could, but it would be a distraction.”

A bit dejected, she looks at me with an “ah…” face

Me (interjecting awkwardly): “‘Cause you’re all so funny!!”

She winces a smile. “It’s not a bad gig. I’ll take it.”

I laugh a little too loudly and aggressively.

Some awkward moments…and then the elevator door opens,  she wishes me a good day and hurries off.

So, yeah. I creeped out Kathy Hart with my fangirlness. But she was very sweet despite all that.

Just one step closer to bodyshots with rockstars, kids.

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