Love never dies

…and neither does the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. The title song from his new musical, Love Never Dies, recently received its debut performance on some awards show in the U.K. This new show is the sequel to ALW’s massive, record-shattering hit, The Phantom of the Opera.

Some background: While a theatre snob, I’ve always had a soft spot for Phantom. It’s the first musical I fell in love with, and you never forget your first love. (It never dies, or so I’m told.) When ALW announced he was working on a sequel, theatre mavens around the world, including me, were all a twitter. When details of the plot were revealed last summer, we had an absolute field day predicting what the new sequel would look like (read here.) It’s no secret that ALW has been struggling for a hit show, and Love Never Dies is his latest (and perhaps last?) desperate attempt.

Here’s the lovely Sierra Boggess, who’ll play Christine in the sequel’s premiere, performing the title tune:

And here’s Dame Kiri Te Kanawa performing…the same song with different lyrics…over a decade earlier.

But, really, all ALW starts to sound the same over a while…so who really can tell anyway?

(Thanks to Jamie for directing me to the first clip!)

6 thoughts on “Love never dies

    1. Huh! I’ve never actually listened to “The Beautiful Game.”


      Yes I did. And I forgot I had.

      Yup: sloppy thirds, indeed.

  1. Wait, shouldn’t sloppy thirds be illegal? This song is all right… not nearly the extent of emotion I experienced when watching Ramin Karimloo perform “Till I Hear You Sing” coming up in Love Never Dies. Still beside myself with excitement though.

  2. Though I was admittedly originally hoping Love Never Dies would be an epic trainwreck – the stuff legendary trainwrecks are made of – this song makes me think that… meh, it’ll be alright.

    Like Sandra said.. “it’s alright.”

    Meanwhile, Sierra Boggess is lovely. Straight up.

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