Happy coffee cup

It’s always the simple things that brighten one’s day and lift the spirits. This coffee cup, for example. My best friend Patty painted it for me, and I painted a cup for her (see here). It was one of those “paint your own pottery” places. She titled this one: “Club-footed Penguins.” Because they look a little inbred, don’t they? Poor club-footed penguins.

I left the cup with her to get glazed and kilned – a process that takes a few weeks — and yesterday it arrived at my doorstep.

So, a smile to my lips with each sip. May your mornings be as happy and hopeful. Amen.

4 thoughts on “Happy coffee cup

  1. Nothing will lift your spirits like a few poorly painted penguins….so sad that they have a chromosomal disease…. ;) Glad you like it honey!! I drank out of the one you made this morning…I needed a little motivation. XOXOX

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