Tonight: it’s for the dogs!

(Oh, the marvelously unoriginal headlines and bylines we can come up with pertaining to dogs!) 

Tonight, I’m off to see The 101 Dalmatians Musical — an entirely new adaptation of Dodie Smith’s novel “The Hundred and One Dalmatians,” and not in any way associated with the Disney cartoon or movie. This show apparently features kids as dogs and adults and dogs and dogs as dogs and adults on stilts as humans. It’s sure to be something else. 

My confession: when I signed up to review this show, I assumed Rachel York (whom I ADORE) was starring as dog terror Cruella DeVil. However, after I submitted my review request to EDGE, York left the show unexpectedly. Damn. 

Sara Gettelfinger
However, in her place we get Sara Gettelfinger, an actress who’s been on my radar for several years, ever since she made a name for herself taking over the role of Carla in the 2003 Broadway revival of Nine (the role Penélope Cruz plays in the movie) — a role originated by Jane Krakowski in the revival, and for which she won a Tony. Well, technically Jenna Elfman was set to replace Karakowski, but wasn’t up to the challenge, and was swapped at the very last minute for ensemble member Gettelfinger. 

Oh! I totally forgot I saw Gettelfinger in a bit comedic role in the Broadway production of the musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels back in 2005. She was great (I think — my memory of that show, aside from Norbert Leo Butz’s Tony-winning performance, is strangely fuzzy). 

Gettelfinger recently took a detour into the adult pop world with a group called “The Three Graces.” It blended the worlds of three music styles: opera, pop and Broadway (Gettelfinger). I’ve listened to a few of their tunes. It’s bland, overproduced and inoffensive. Your mom would like it. 

And now she’s at the Cadillac Palace with Dalmatians. I’m sure she’ll be fine. Let’s just hope she’s had enough practice on those stilts!

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