Fuerza Whata?

Broadway in Chicago has announced its 2010/11 season, and on the list is typical stuff like Wicked and Burn the Floor. But I was most interested in this show called Fuerza Bruta (which, I believe, in Spanish translates to “brute force”). A theatre pal of mine mentioned the show a few months ago — said it was one of the most amazing theatrical experiences he’s ever had. (He saw it off-Broadway.)

Naturally I was curious at the time, but I tend to have the attention span of a rabbit, and promptly forgot.

So, when BiC announced FB was coming in May (May 12, to be exact — the Auditorium Theatre has been rumored), I did my research:

And some pictures:


Also, I gather you want to go wearing something you don’t mind getting wet.

3 thoughts on “Fuerza Whata?

  1. It’s VERY COOL and it’s been one of my recommendations to those going to NYC since it opened (and still running). TRACES is pretty cool too, like an urban street version of Cirque (which actually started as a collection of street performers).

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