3 thoughts on “God bless the tax return.

  1. Hey, that’s the one I got! I’ve had it for a week and I’m loving it. (Replaced a 9.5 year old iMac). Btw, at my Apple store they were offering $100 rebate on a printer, too.

    Sadly, I did my taxes today and I will not be getting a refund but mailing a big check to Uncle Sam. I definitely need some more deductions, or maybe someone has a dependent they can spare?

    1. Oh nice! Are you in love? Did you get the fancy airless mouse and keyboard, too? Bummer about your taxes. There’s always adoption!

  2. Yes, I’m loving it! I got the fancy wireless mouse and keyboard. I was afraid the keyboard would be too tiny but it’s okay. Only problem is it doesn’t work with my wrist rest anymore. But carpal tunnel is a small price to pay for being cool!

    I will definitely look into adoption for next year. Thanks! Gotta do something.

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