Male of honor update: ten things I’ve learned

Back in September, Jamie asked me to be her MOH:

And I was completely touched and deeply honored.

Now, seven months later, with the bridal shower only a few weeks away (yikes!) and the wedding only a little over a month away, what have I learned so far?

1) Oriental Trading Company is your friend.

2) is another good site, though pricey.

3) People never RSVP for anything.

4) Include gift registration info in the bridal shower invites. Even though Jamie and Eric have it on their wedding site and included this info in their wedding invites, most people need to be hand held.

5) Handmade shower invites seem like a good idea at the time.

6) When in doubt, bridal shower bingo!

7) Free maps and brochures to put in out-of-town guest bags can be found at the Chicago Cultural Center, though they will scold you as you are only allowed two brochures a piece; but just show them your pouty-face, and they will stop scolding.

8) It’s much easier to plan a bridal shower when you have a theme — as lame as that theme may be.

9) Avoid the Chicago Bridal Expo! like the plague.

10) You think you have all this time to plan, and before you know it: it’s here! Plan early, order supplies early, get your sh*t together.

I’ll share more tips as the date approaches. I’m learning as I go.

5 thoughts on “Male of honor update: ten things I’ve learned

  1. As a bridesmaid in an upcoming June wedding, who will most likely be assisting with shower arrangements, etc, I thank you for the tips.

  2. I would like to reinforce the importance of #9 (though I’m sure the ill-grammared CEO of the Expo will swoop down and cast a spell on this blog for my blasphemy) as well as pointing out that Bob is an awesome MOH. I couldn’t ask for better. :)

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