Judy sings about Cream of Wheat, Lucy breezes along

Both of these videos, by the same youtuber, made me spit out my morning coffee. And it takes a lot to do that these days.

(The funniest part is: this isn’t all that different from the original.)

I’m going to add these guys to my youtube playlist, and you should, too.

5 thoughts on “Judy sings about Cream of Wheat, Lucy breezes along

  1. these are hysterical!
    even though lucy’s voice is awful, i still hold my “mame” movie soundtrack near and dear, lol

    1. Oh, nononono, Nick! You have to burn that MAME soundtrack! The only one you’ll ever need is the OBC. (Unless they revive it with someone fabulous like…who?)

  2. ha! i literally grew up watching the movie so the soundtrack is embedded into my brain. it was a big day when the desilu estate finally released it on cd, ha ha.
    well weren’t they talking for the longest time about a made for tv version starring cher? to be honest, if they revived it on broadway, whoever plays mame wouldn’t matter so much to me as it would who plays vera. i think a few years ago at the hollywood bowl they did mame in concert with christine ebersole as mame and christine baransky as vera and i think that could be a very viable solution for a broadway revival…

  3. I LOVE The Long, long Trailer. Such a good movie. Oh Lucy. It’s hilarious that they made fun of her voice so much in the show but then had her sing in this movie and in Mame. This might be one instance where I am pro-dubbing!

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