Go see a show today!

Today is World Theatre Day.

World Theatre Day was created in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute, and is recognized annually on March 27 by the international theatre community. Various national and international theatre events are organized to celebrate the amazing art of theatre.

What does this all mean? Go see a play/musical/reading today! Or tomorrow! And all year! And take friends! Dame Judi Dench will heart you for it.

Seriously — support your local theatre. In my many theatre goings, there have been far too many (depressing) times where there were more cast members onstage than people in the audience. Not because the show was bad, but…who knows? Lack of awareness? Interest? Desire? Theatre, especially in Chicago, is a relatively cheap, easy and unique way to spend an evening. Take advantage of it!

As for me, I’m seeing Drury Lane’s Ragtime this afternoon, which means sacrificing my Saturday for a full day of commuting to the ‘burbs and back. Thankfully, I’m bringing one of my favorite people along for the trek.

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