Five Friday thoughts

Hi. It’s Friday. And my brains must resemble something akin to scrambled eggs these days.

To exemplify: After I did my Male of Honor (MOH) duty last night of meeting with Jamie and Eric (the happy couple) for a walk-through of the venue (followed by a very nice dinner here), the Best Man and I hopped on the Red Line home. After chatting several minutes, we realized we were at Sox-35th.

We live far up north.

Needless to say, I got home around midnight last night.

Anyway. Some thoughts:

1) The bridal shower is this Sunday (wedding 15 days away!). Any last minute advice for this MOH?

2) Jamie texted me earlier this week that she was working on her vows, and was struggling. So, I sent her this as an idea:

There once was a gal from Alpena
Who met a nice guy who was clean –
A little romance
Some show tunes and dance
And now she’s in love, and I mean it!

I’m the Poet Laureate. I don’t know whether you know that. I mean, do you know that?

3) Geeze Ben Brantley. The Addams Family musical wasn’t THAT bad. At least the version I saw in Chicago. (Ghastly? Really?)

4) Have you checked out Sassy Gay Friend yet? If you haven’t, you should, you stupid bitch.

5) I’ve an exciting lineup of shows (check them out in the CTA Tracker, located top left). Chicago really is a cool theatre town.

5.5) It’s gorgeous outside.

4 thoughts on “Five Friday thoughts

  1. Can’t wait for the shower! As a former bride and longtime bridesmaid, here’s a quick tip: Have a notebook and a pen and make somebody help write down all J’s gifts and who they came from. It makes thank you writing way easier later so she doesn’t have to wrack her brain trying to remember what card goes with what etc AND since you are MOH, you absolutely NOT doing this job. Make it another bridesmaid. or Annie. Ha!

  2. Re: #3 – Ouch. “Ghastly”??? I saw it twice here in Chicago and liked it. Not that it was the next great American musical or anything, but I sure didn’t think it was “ghastly” even before all the changes were made. I think that audiences will probably like it anyway – I think it has a kind of mass appeal, corny borsht belt jokes, giant squid and all. But too bad they couldn’t figure out a way to really use their star power. Sounds like the 2 leads are kind of wasted in these roles…

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