Odds ‘n ends

This week is weddin’ week, and as Male of Honor, I have duties from Thursday through Saturday: bachelorette party, rehearsal and dinner, and then the Big Day. It’s all very exciting. However, it also means I’m theatre-free until next week. To see what’s coming up, check out the “[CTA] Show Tracker” in the upper left-hand corner.

That said, I have a few things I’d like to mention:

1) Among the pile of books I’m ever so slowly wading through on my nightstand, I’ve started Eat, Pray, Love. I bought it for my mom, as I heard it was “the book” to read, and she finished it during her recent visit here. Her reaction was rather “meh,” so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I’m about a third through it, and I gotta say: Really? This is what every woman in America has been leaping over? Some transparent story about a privileged white woman (Elizabeth Gilbert) who luxuriously galavants around the world to find herself? Give me a break. And we’re not even sure why she’s on this soul-searching quest — Gilbert leaves that all in a shroud of mystery. I question if the primary reason for her doing so is because her publisher paid her a $200,000 advance. Yes, she’s a talented writer, and she makes you smile with her self-awareness, wit and charisma, but I’m finding the thing rather empty and can easily see where it’s going. Perhaps I’ll report back (should I finish it).

2) Check out this review of Chicago Shakespeare Theatre’s reworking of The Taming of the Shrew. Specifically the comments. If that’s really Neil LaBute, then he’s lived up to all my expectations.

3) (I’m getting really random here): When’s the last time you watched E.T.? It’s been a while, right? I think you should watch it again. And pay attention to those last 15 minutes. I’m a big John Williams fan, and his work in the final moments of this movie gives me goose bumps every time. This video does a nice job explaining how Williams scored the movie, pointing out that Spielberg did the unheard of and edited the final moments around the score.

4) Ann Miller!!!

That is all.

5 thoughts on “Odds ‘n ends

  1. How dare she take a $200,000 advance from a publisher! What writer wouldn’t? Wouldn’t you? I didn’t adore the book (well, I loved the eating part), but kudos to her for cashing in.

    1. It’s great she got paid to write, but for a story that sells itself as this pure self-finding journey, this piece of information makes me question the purity of her motives. That’s all. Also doesn’t help that I keep picturing Julia Roberts in my mind when reading this (I’m not a fan).

  2. I found her style of writing annoying, actually. And the sections just go on FOREVER. The Eat part I was like, OK, OK, I get it. You are eating fabulous food in Italy.

  3. The eating was my favorite part too… if that part has you snoring already, you will really be asleep during the “Praying” section of the book – that is a huge snorefest… Although I actually liked the book, I didn’t LOVE it, and I was not sure what all the shouting was about.

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