A neighbor I could do without

Last night, Gator and I attended a West Edgewater Area Residents meeting where our alderman discussed the fate of the long-abandoned Edgewater Medical Center — a giant, sprawling network of buildings that’s been empty since 2001 for a whole host of unseemly reasons (including two Chicago favorites: fraud and corruption). Of course we all want it torn down and made into a park. But, it’s not as easy as all that, naturally. Some folderol about some foreign bank that owns the property, and has interests in developing it into high-rise condos and stores and the like. And unless we, as a community, can pony up xxx million dollars, then we’re basically screwed.

But, regardless of what happens, it sounds like it’s all a long ways off. So, until then, we’re forced to live with this massive next-door decay:

See the rest of this amazing photo set >

4 thoughts on “A neighbor I could do without

  1. Wow. I looked at that set and the one of Michael Reese Hospital and it’s incredible to see that it looks like people just got up and left, almost like they were evacuated.

    It also makes me realize that the older part of Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center isn’t that bad.

    Was it discussed how they’re going to demolish the building without releasing potential toxins in the air?

    1. Isn’t is amazing? My biggest concern is the apparent improper disposal of medial records.

      As for demolishing the building: no idea. I know the EPA gets involved when they start demolition projects, and according to Senator Heather Stean’s office, the EMC doesn’t have harmful waste on site. But I really don’t/can’t believe that.

      1. That is really troubling. Lovely to know that any random person can break into the building and find them and steal them.

        Because of the chemicals that were photographed as being left in the laboratory (and there’s probably more), I would imagine that time has probably affected the acidity and also the composition of those chemicals. Also, there’s bound to be mold and mildew and insect infestations. Although, I don’t think it’s as bad as pictures I’ve seen of Michael Reese where organs in formaldehyde were left behind in the morgue.

        I also would prefer a park rather than high-rise condos because there are hundreds of high-rise condos sitting empty in Chicago and the city needs affordable housing.

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