Wedding recap, or ‘Dear Tide: Contact me for your next marketing campaign!’

My MOHly duties are over. The wedding went smashingly. Eric and Jamie planned a ceremony and reception that was perfectly them — fun, funny, creative, original, charming, classy.

The only snafu was three minutes before the ceremony, Jamie dropped chocolate on her dress (!), which smeared when I picked it off (!!). However, she had Tide to Go (otherwise known as a “Tide pen”) in her bag, and it worked like an absolute charm. Seriously: Tide saved the day. I think Tide could use this for their marketing efforts, no? Strike while the iron’s hot, I say!

Jamie wrote a thorough recap of events here. Things she didn’t mention where how BEAUTIFUL she looked, and how nervous I was that I’d lose the ring or drop her flowers or pass out, etc. Also: my toast to the new couple went off well, I must say. I’d rather eat glass than speak in public, but I planned ahead. Also didn’t hurt that I quoted a lyric from the musical Brooklyn. After all: what’s a wedding toast without a few trite lyrics from a show two Broadway dorks have used as a punchline for years?

Professional pictures are coming soon, but here are a few of my favorite shots by others:

3 thoughts on “Wedding recap, or ‘Dear Tide: Contact me for your next marketing campaign!’

  1. Bravo! Having been a bridesmaid 7 times, in which 3 times were as MOH, I know the feelings you experienced. Jamie looked gorgeous too! Good job, RivB.

    1. Thanks, SarahB! Being a MOH has an honor, and an experience I shan’t soon forget. (And I hope to do it again, soon!)

  2. I love it — you all look so pretty & so happy to be together. And it looks like the perfect spot for a wedding. Those intimate personal affairs are tops in my book. Well done, RivB!

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