Scary good 16 year old kills ‘Rose’s Turn’

Blah, blah, blah Tony Awards noms announced today; Million Dollar Quartet beats The Addams Family for Best Musical slot.

But! I’ve something more exciting to talk about: the discovery of a new star.

Ah, yes. Momma Rose. That role every musical theatre actress worth her salt yearns to perform some day. It’s the King Lear of musical theatre roles for women, they say. The main reason being the final number, “Rose’s Turn,” where Rose loses her sh*t onstage and lets it all come out in a giant rollercoaster of emotions.

Ethel, Bernadette, Angela, Tyne, Betty and Patti are a few notable musical theatre actresses who’ve played the role onstage to acclaim. And now we can add Hannah Rose DeFlumeri — a 16 year old high schooler from Sandy Hook, CT — to the list. I mean, just watch:

Scary, right? A teenager shouldn’t have such a deep understanding of a 50-something woman’s extreme desperation. Yes, there’s some strange phrasing and it seems she (or her director) may have watched the LuPone bootleg a bit too much, but she’s in HIGH SCHOOL. Impressive. Her “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” is rather remarkable, too.

Let’s hope she keeps this acting thing up.

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