Reflections on the Non-Equity Jeff nominations

The cast of the Jeff-nominated drama/thriller “Killer Joe,” playing at the Royal George Theatre

The Non-Equity Jeff nominations, recognizing Chicago-area non-Equity productions that opened between April 1, 2009 and March 31, 2010, were announced this week. Time Out Chicago’s Kris Vire makes some interesting points about omissions and such.

When compared to the average joe, I’ve seen a lot of theatre this season — yet I haven’t seen a large chunk of the nominated shows. Even more shocking (to me, at least), many of them I haven’t even heard about. (Red Noses? On an Average Day? Aunt Dan and Lemon? Bombs Away!? Little Brother?)

There’s just so much to see in Chicago, I guess I just haven’t been keeping track. Shame on me?

I’m glad Red Twist’s The Pillowman and Profile’s Killer Joe were recognized, but that’s expected, as they’ve been running for nearly half a year or more — a relatively unheard of phenomenon for storefront theatre. As Vire notes, The New Colony, which has produced some of the most exciting new works in its newbie history, wasn’t recognized as they haven’t met Jeff’s minimum years in production. But their productions of Tupperware: An American Musical Fable (particularly Mary Hollis Inboden’s performance) and Calls to Blood were more than Jeff-worthy.

And is there no other non-Equity theatre group producing musicals with strong female performances than Theo Ubique? This Rogers Park storefront company dominated the Best Actress in a Musical category.

4 thoughts on “Reflections on the Non-Equity Jeff nominations

  1. Red Noses was a huge hit at Strawdog and Aunt Dan and Lemon was at BackStage Theatre Co.

    Man Who Was Thursday was robbed and the ridiculous rule that excludes The New Colony is annoying.

    1. Fascinating that I’d heard nothing about any of those productions until these noms came out. Did you catch them during their runs? Guess my goal is to check out Backstage Thtr Co this season.

      1. Red Noses was running before I moved to Chicago, but it is being remounted at the Theatre on the Lake this summer, so you might want to check it out then. I missed Aunt Dan and Lemon, but I saw their production of Orange Flower Water, which was really good.

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