‘Fuerza Bruta’ looks pretty f*n awesome

I can’t recall that last time I was so intimate with a woman’s nipple — at least since I was an infant.

Today I had the opportunity to attend a special press event, where two scenes from the international hit Fuerza Bruta: Look Up, now receiving its Chicago premiere, were performed. (The show has its first Chicago performance tonight at the Auditorium Theatre. I’m attending opening night May 25). I blogged about this show previously when Broadway in Chicago first announced it was coming to the Auditorium Theatre.

Watching youtube clips, I had absolutely NO idea how they were going to stage such a wild show it at this highly formal venue. Well, it’s performed on the stage — a space producers say can comfortably contain 880 patrons.

The essence is a giant party where all sorts of chaotic, bizarre, creative, fun, explosive and beautiful things happen. It’s like you’re part of some giant performance art celebration. The party atmosphere is carried to the lobby, which has received a clubby makeover, complete with strobes and dance music.

I could attempt to define what the experience is like at Fuerza Bruta, at least as gathered from the brief performance presented this afternoon, but I would fail miserably. My best advice is to check it out for yourself. It seems like an unforgettable night.

As for those breasts I was talking about? At one point, a giant, see-through pool slowly descends over the audience, where four wet, semi-naked women slip and slide above you. It’s a breathtaking moment. And at the very moment that I reached up to touch this transparent pool, a performer passed over me, breasts exposed. Only a few millimeters of super-industrial plastic separated the palm of my hand from her nipple.


This show has hit written all over it.

3 thoughts on “‘Fuerza Bruta’ looks pretty f*n awesome

    1. Thanks for posting! I love that you made the connection to ANTM based on my half-assed description of this show.

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