‘Fuerza Bruta’: be prepared for loud, ‘wow’-ed and wet

Wow. Who’d have thought the very same venue where I’d seen some high-end ballet last month would be hosting a summer rave.

Suffice it to say: the international hit Fuera Bruta: Look Up, currently playing at the Auditorium Theatre, is not your typical theatre experience — not by a long shot.

I wish someone had told that to the charming elderly ladies standing near me. They might have reconsidered wearing their fancy theatre-going things yesterday evening. Because, despite what we were told at the press event last week, you’ll get wet. Well, damp, at the very least — but if you’re standing in the wrong spot (or the right spot, depending on how you look at it), you’ll find yourself in an impromptu rain storm.

How do I even begin to describe the experience you’ll have at Fuerza Bruta? Creator Diqui James has a lot of brainy things to say about it in the program, using phrases like “intellectual submission,” “parallel reality” and “collective sensibility.” Ok – sure. I simply found it an hour of jaw-dropping joy. It’s a near-chaotic dance party performance art, interrupted by moments of calm and beauty. I loved it. A perfect show for those who want something different and fun to do in the summer. I’m making plans to go back.

However, it’s not for everyone.

Some suggestions should you brave the experience:

– Don’t go expecting a story or narrative.
– Don’t go expecting anything, really.
– As noted, be prepared to be wet, or, at least, damp.
– Wear earplugs if loud music bothers you.
– Don’t get freaked out by large, tightly packed crowds.
– Ladies: wear flats. You stand for 65 minutes.
– Bring your camera. You can take pictures.
– Look up! A lot of the crazy action takes place above you.
– Most importantly: have fun! Dance, yell, clap, have a drink or two before the show.

The show takes place on the Auditorium Theatre’s stage. It can get pretty packed and confusing up there with 800+ people being ushered around by staff to make way for the next segment, but somehow we all found our way, and we got better at it as the evening went on. And I think the intimacy with your neighbor is necessary for the experience. The show is expected to play through the summer, so get your tickets.

Here are a few pictures I managed to snap with my iPhone last night:

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