God bless you, Rue.

I’m jumping on the bandwagon of Rue McClanahan blog honoring, because how can you not?

Strangely, on a whim, I watched two hours of back-to-back Golden Girls last night (thanks, WE tv!), including my favorite episode:

B Plot: Rose and Dorothy team up to compete to win $10k for writing a winning theme song for the city of Miami (“Miami, Miami, you’ve got style!”).

A Plot: Blanche struggles (i.e., flusters, glares and pouts) with the news that her father, whom she refers to as “Big Daddy,” is marrying a much younger woman.

This episode was followed by another classic: Dorothy’s childhood friend, who happens to be a lesbian, comes to visit, and she falls in love with Rose. Blanche’s discovery of this news is priceless, thanks to Rue’s masterful comedic timing. NPR’s Linda Holmes actually commented on this scene in her blog tribute to Rue.

I also LOVE her performance in this episode (particularly her snippy line reading at 00:42):

I know Rue did many other things in her career, including some impressive stage work (and I was charmed by her in the Nunsense dvds), but Golden Girls will always, always hold a special place in my heart.

God bless you, Rue. I hope you, Bea and Estelle are having a ball up there. Eating cheesecake around a table. Whooping it up. Singing Jerry Herman songs.

I’d love to hear your favorite Blanche moment. Leave your comments below.

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