Things I want/things I need

Things I want:

  • A never-ending supply of Kurig K-cups.
  • Fortune and fame — minus the fame. And in place of fortune, the ability to enjoy Milk Duds without the fear of losing a filling.
  • My cat to not eat the outdoor plants and then puke on the furniture
  • An iPhone app that kills that solitary spider I find in the bathtub each morning.
  • Someone in the city to do a decent production of City of Angels.
  • A vacation.

Things I need:

  • Pants that actually fit.
  • A new bedroom dresser. (The one we’ve had from Ikea has suffered through seven years and two moves. You can only imagine what it looks like now.)
  • Suze Orman, with her popped collar and orange skin, offering me her special brand of aggressive financial advice.
  • Someone to do my bidding.
  • A vacation.

5 thoughts on “Things I want/things I need

  1. Marriott is considering doing “City of Angels” this season. I’ve seen it at Drury Lane Oakbrook moons ago with Nancy Voights as Oolie/Donna (who was wonderful), the Broadway National tour with Barry Williams and Betsy Joslyn (Johanna from the filmed Sweeney Todd) who made a great Oolie/Donna herself and belted the music in that odd voice of hers. I also did a production of the show at Jedlicka Performing Arts Center (the group that did A Tale of Two Cities, In My Life, and Metropolis.)

    1. Ooh! If Marriott does “City of Angels,” I’ll be so happy. I’m sure they can find a clever way to stage it in the round to get over those expensive staging hurdles. I actually submitted that option to Marriott when I voted on their next season.

  2. I’ve only seen one production of it, a not very good one back home in Cleveland. I’ve always wanted to see it done well–I’ve thought for a long time that it’s a completely delightful show. (It’s certainly one of the best musicals of the 1980’s, but that doesn’t count for much.) It just takes a certain financial investment and design imagination to get the look right, not to mention a cast of excellent singers and actors and a director with a strong grip of the tone. I hope it happens, though, as it’s a show that seems almost to have disappeared from the record, which is no good at all.

    1. Didn’t a Chicago theatre company do a production last year? I want to say it was at the Atheneaum — but maybe I’m making that up.

      Like I said above, Marriott’s round stage might be just the trick to stage this unique show — I could imagine some clever lighting and costumes could deliniate the two storylines/worlds.

      1. That sounds familiar, but I think the response was lukewarm. I was only vaguely aware that it was happening. It would take a lot of creativity to make it work in the round (you can’t have two sides of the stage, really), but I believe it’s possible. It would certainly be nice to see it come back.

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