Parental visit plans, and a request

As I type, mom and dad are journeying nine hours from northern Michigan to the windy city. What’s on deck:

1) The Chicago Blues Festival. The primary reason for the trip — my dad’s a blues hound.
2) Billy Elliot. I’ve seen it, and now my mom wants to — while we leave dad to bob his head to the same repeating beat in Grant Park.
3) The request. Anyone have four Second City tickets to spare for Saturday night, 8pm? I’m a horrible son and waited ’till the last minute to order them, and they are sold out.
4) Low Down Dirty Blues. The back-up plan should we not get Second City tickets.
5) Wine. Oh, the wine. Accompanied by a little dinner.
6) Tonys! While they will have left by then, I, along with a few friends, will watch with vague amusement. I know virtually nothing about this Tony Award season. But I hear Glee is performing? What the hell is going on over there, Broadway?

7 thoughts on “Parental visit plans, and a request

  1. Awww, I think your mom will love Billy Elliot. And I’m sure the Chicago Blues Fest is terrific. Chicago’s known for the blues, right? Weren’t the Blues Brothers from there? Anyway, you sound like a great son. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Chicago was a pioneer city for Blues, but I think it began in Memphis. But Chicago was instrumental in giving it momentum in the ’20s.

      The Blues Festival is fun — if only for the people watching. Supposed to rain this weekend, though. That certainly warrants singing the blues.

    1. I’m sure it’s to boost ratings. The Tony ceremony has gown down the commercial crapper recently.

  2. when are the Tonys? clearly I am lame and am out of the loop :(.

    did you check for tix? that’s generally a good starting point.

  3. ok nothing on stubhub. I’m askin a friend who does second city stuff to see if she knows anywhere to get last min tix to sold out shows. I’ll keep ya updated

    1. Thanks, Sarah L, however we are seeing the Second City show today at 4, as it’s supposed to rain all day today.

      Tonys are tomorrow evening.

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