Gettin’ crazy at ‘Fuerza Bruta’

Photo courtesy of me and my iPhone

Back to Fuerza Bruta I went last night! I love this show (read my review on it here). And, as a test, I took Gerald, who I anticipated would hate the thing as it combines all aspects in life he deplores: crowds, chaos, pushyshovey people, and interactive theatre. But — surprise, surprise! — he LOVED it. (It also didn’t hurt that they had $2 beers in the lobby before the show.)

You are never bored at Fuerza Bruta. (Ok — maybe the above-the-head pool segment lasts 5 minutes too long.) There’s always something to see, and it’s usually remarkable. The energy from this sexy cast is fun and inviting. It’s a perfect show for the summer.

However, a word of warning: you may get so into it, you’ll find yourself making poor decisions about dancing in public in an onstage rainstorm. (Don’t be too jealous of my fly moves.)

One thought on “Gettin’ crazy at ‘Fuerza Bruta’

  1. […] 5) Fuerza Bruta | Broadway in Chicago: I just couldn’t get enough of this show and saw it three times. If standing on the stage of the Auditorium Theatre wasn’t cool enough, this immersive rave-party-meets-performance-art made for an unforgettable and interactive experience. And a perfect show for the humid Chicago summer, especially if you chose to dance in the on-stage rainstorm at the end. […]

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