North Shore Music Theatre opens with ‘Gypsy’

North Shore Music Theatre is back. After going bankrupt in 2009, the Beverly, Mass.-based venue has reopened under new management with my personal favorite musical, Gypsy. Starring Vicki Lewis as Madame Rose, the production looks great from the photos. In fact — I think I recognize those costumes from the 2008 Broadway revival of Gypsy, which starred Patti LuPone. Let’s compare/contrast:

I wonder if there’s any LuPone sweat in those Martin Pakledinaz costumes.

3 thoughts on “North Shore Music Theatre opens with ‘Gypsy’

  1. What are the prices of Gypsy?
    Please keep me posted as to what is coming up and the cost’
    Do you have handicaped seating and what is the price for these seats?

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