Jazz hands!

Work and life must step in for a few days. The next update will most likely be around Monday, following opening night of Shrek the Musical.

In the meantime (and mostly to move that creepy photo from the post below down the page a bit), I think we could all benefit from some teal, tinsel and tap dance. And for that, I turn to Ms. Melissa Ann Ledwon, famous for her jazz hands and bowler hat. Take it away, Missy!

(My favorite moment? The dance combination from 1:05 – 1:11. Brilliant.)

3 thoughts on “Jazz hands!

  1. when are you going to do a review on Shrek? I’ve heard it’s a great show, but I want to know if it’s appropriate for my 7 & 9 yr olds!

    1. Hi, Janie –

      I’m attending press night of “Shrek” on Sunday (July 25). My review should be around Monday morning.

      Thanks for visiting,

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