It’s a Patti LuPone fest around here

I’m in love with this interview with LuPone by Mickey Rapkin. It’s ripe with gems:

For a second LuPone is quiet. “It’s show business,” she says. “Sometimes it fucking sucks.”

“I’m Sicilian. It’s not water off a duck’s back. It sits there and it festers. For years.”

And so she briefly explains that she and [former Gypsy] director Arthur Laurents are now on the outs. “I did a TV pilot and Arthur got mad at me,” she says. “He’s a terrific man. I just want him to be happy.

Stephen Sondheim wanted her to play the witch in the original Broadway production of Into the Woods, until negotiations broke down. “Then Bernadette [Peters] got billing and everything else I wanted,” LuPone says, shrugging.

I ask her to tell me more about New York in 1980, when she was doing her famous cabaret act at midnight every Saturday at a Chelsea nightclub called Les Mouches (now a Medicaid office!). “Andy Warhol came,” she says. “John McEnroe. Stephen Sondheim. Tanya Tucker showed up one night. I went, ‘Tanya Tucker? What the fuck is this?’”

And all this on top of calling Andrew Lloyd Webber an alcoholic. Can’t WAIT for the memoir.

5 thoughts on “It’s a Patti LuPone fest around here

    1. I’d suggest not doing an interview after five wine spritzers, but that’s just me. I think at this stage, she’s just letting it all hang out.

  1. I find her persistent negativity a real turn-off. She’s just had one of the great triumphs of her career and all she can do is harp on what didn’t go her way? No thanks.

    1. She’s known for getting herself into trouble for her candor. I’ve heard her discuss how heart-broken she was to lose “Into the Woods” before in previous interviews, but she usually qualified that by saying it led to “Anything Goes,” so “it all works out in the end. ”
      This time, she didn’t get to that second part. Or, that’s how the interviewer framed it. And, like I said above, I wouldn’t ever suggest doing an interview for a major publication while tipsy.

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