Show and tell

I think it’s time for some show and tell.


I noticed this sign on my way to Frost/Nixon Sunday afternoon. Have you been to Friar Tuck? I have, years ago. For those uninitiated, you walk into a building that resembles a beer barrel, get past a meathead bouncer, and are then greeted by a tipsy waitress who tells you what you want to order (a pitcher of Bud and plastic cups). Before you know it, and regardless of any life-long fear you may have of catching lice, you find yourself wearing strange hats, courtesy of God knows who or what. So, this sign? Basically, yeah.


I don’t know what it is about the north end of Clark Street and discarded weaves. But this discovery screamed for a photo op. Taken next to the Edgewater bus stop on Clark. I’d imagine there’s a story here. Perhaps about a women (or dude, let’s not discriminate) who, after finishing his/her last Newport, decided it was time for a lifestyle — and hair — change. That, or someone done got snatched bald.


I took a photo of this ad, located on the side of a Rogers Park bus stop, late Saturday night. I was so gobsmacked by its whimsical nature that I simply had post it on facebook immediately. Which I did. Now, in a much more sensible state of mind, I’m still enamored by this simple, smiley piece of advertising. Are those magical ladybugs (notice their coffee cups!) opening a packet of what seems to be hippie potpourri? Who cares? Sold! If that’s not great advertising, I don’t know what is. At any rate, will someone please locate the source of this poster and order me a print? I have the perfect spot for it. Thanks.


How quickly fads fly. I just learned of the FiveFingers Shoes phenomenon on TLo’s blog yesterday. And, lo and behold, there they were this evening, on the Lake Red Line stop, being worn by a normal, middle-aged businessman. These are more abhorrent to me than Crocs, and if you know how I feel about those, well…

5 thoughts on “Show and tell

  1. That’s absolutely nasty that that guy is wearing those shoes at the el platform. Something about it just makes me vomit a bit in my mouth.

  2. Oh B, I miss you. I always love reading your theater reviews, but it makes me smile when you do a human interest story like you did above. :-) Maybe because it brought back my own memories of wearing crazy hats with you at Friar Tuck.

  3. I am a fan of these new Sweet-N-Low ads … I was driving home the other day and saw an ad at the bus stop on Irving Park and California that was a beautiful, whimsical owl. I was smitten.

    And I meant to comment a while back when you talked about reading the book about author of that Doll book (can’t think of the title now). I had that child’s book growing up and really loved it. The compositions were gorgeous and it was such a fun story complete with spankings which created the controversy. Reading about the author was really crazy. Good book.

    1. I found the site of the design firm responsible for the posters, and saw that owl one. Stunning! I want them all.

      Re: “The Lonely Doll” book. I was reading it on the el, and a girl saw me holding the book (the bio, not the children’s book) and started asking me about it. She was fascinated just from the cover alone!

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